Being specific – New Year’s resolutions suck

via Daily Prompt: Specific

They do, they really suck. When you set them, they seem reachable… most in reality are. Lose weight, take more you time, save money, etc; all seem easy enough. The problem is life happens. You think you are going to work out more or take more time to yourself but your seems to demand more. You try to save money but your hours get cut, the furnace goes out, something happens.  What happens? You feel like shit! You set a goal and had a no excuses attitude but life decided to make it nearly impossible.

One goal was to start a christmas fund. My husband hasn’t worked in 2 weeks. I have worked 21 hours since the 22nd. The little money I had saved back has been used.

My work-outs… didn’t last long. I lasted longer than I thought I would but my arthritis in my back (34 and moderate arthritis in my back..ya Im screwed) started to flair up, I’m guessing due to the cold.

My entire list fell through, I gave up. I feel horrible, I sit here today and tell you… I want the change I set out for. I have decided, I’m going to take a step at a time. One goal.. until its habit and squeeze another one in.

Today, I start with my Journal goal.


1.) Right now… I’m looking forward to our court crap being done. $4,500 in attorney fees for 2 custody cases has been finacially and emotionally draining. The court system is rigged and pure insanity.

2.) My three goals for this month. Get my budget in order. Make journaling a habit. Take as much Overtime as possible.

3) Running on little sleep, lots to do, I’m freezing

4) I look forward to my birthday! My husband and I did start a routine to try and help our marriage from falling victim to the enormous amount of stress. We take one Saturday night a month to ourselves. No kids to put to bed, just us. Even if we stay home we have a night of peace. The 28th is our next night which means I can wake up on my birthday and maybe get breakfast in bed.

5) I hope to never forget the look in my husbands eyes every time he tells me he loves me!

6) I would love to take a trip to Colorado this year. My husband has family there and I have only met a few of them. The issue we are having is money. I refuse to drive it so we need plane money.

7) My top priorities today are family time, staying warm, and at least getting the laundry and dishes done.

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