Don’t panic over finding gifts!

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Seriously! Don’t! I have gift ideas for everyone!

1 – Buskins are Amazing and a fraction of the price of LLR leggings… not as tacky looking either! If you want to have a party and earn discounts, I will hook you up. Most leggings are $17 and around $2 shipping.

Women and teens – One size and Plus size –



Girls –


2- Have you heard of Perfectly Posh? I LOVE my Posh! I would love to get you discounted products here also!

My faves

The Perks skin stick is an AMAZING product for headaches.

The Rubby Scrubby is something I use weekly and makes my factory working dead tired feet feel like they didn’t stand in steel toed shoes for 40 hours this week.

Impish eyes is a great caffinated product that covers my up at 4 AM baggy eye look.



Calm the beast – Aftershave

Hairy beast – shave gel

Stud stick – skin repair

3 -Pink Zebra has to be my favorite company! I love their always changing lines. We have the wax warmers and scented wax sprinkles. We also have Car air freshners, lotion bases and more….I can have you an AMAZING party.

My faves –


We also have man stuff

For the kids –

4. Do you have a make up lover? SeneGence has the best make-up line! Lasts up to 18hrs depending on your skins PH. If you are interested more in the SeneGense line please message me on My facebook.

For better, not for worse. 

This is sooooo true! Who else can relate?

The Mum on the Run

When I was a month pregnant, Dom proposed to me. It was how we planned it. Get pregnant and get hitched.

I told him that I still wanted him to propose to me, keep it romantic.

I was working at a place where I felt bullied because I was pregnant, and in return argued with him that day to vent my frustrations. I came home to candles leading to him on bended knee. I cried so hard. From happiness, guilt for arguing with him, and the frustrations of the day.

I knew in that moment, he would be there for me. Always and forever. No matter what. He even said himself, ‘even when you’re a grumpy tits’. We both promised we would always be loving and romantic to each other, no matter what.

If someone told me that day, that things would have change. I would have told them, no…

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Pinterest home remedies that work

Head cold “cure” – Simple.. pour Peroxide in your ears once in awhile to prevent colds or to ease a cold in the beginning of one. I will admit, this MIGHT be a fluke. Yesterday, I felt like hell, my face felt like it had been bashed in and I couldn’t breathe. This morning, I still felt like my face was going to explode. I found this gem this afternoon and was like “nah.. not gonna work but…….. I will do anything but take pills.” Husband started with my right ear which is the side that felt bashed in. Normal fizzing…. then some good massaging bubbling… it felt AMAZING. Left side, just normal fizzing. Results were pretty quick! Is it completely gone… no, I still have a very slight cold fog. What I do not have is the pressure, the sniffles, any other sign of a cold. I will call this one a win!

More to come…..

Hands up if you are over the Election!

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I’m over it! I’m angry! I’m fearful! I’m disgusted! Seriously! Every election gets worse. The idiots running are bad enough but we can’t even talk politics amongst our friends or family anymore. My husband and I, as much as we love each other…. can’t talk politics and we actually agree HELL NO to Trump or Hillary.

What happened to the issues? I’m worried about the economy and my children’s educations. There’s much more to worry about but fixing the economy will even things out. It seems like all of the bull-shit non-issues have completely eclipsed everything that matters.

I do not care about what Obama has done or hasn’t done, he’s on his way out. If you like Obama’s policies or not, he’s not the sole person to blame. Blame congress! We have both sides bickering like children. Both sides refusing to fix anything but yet getting paid more than what the majority of households will see in 10 years.

I do not care if a man and a man marry. I honestly, can not understand why this is an issue! Seriously! Trump has had how many wives? Hillary is still married to a man that was unfaithful. In my opinion, neither one of the choices have a moral ground to stand on when it comes to marriage.

Morals are something that both lack. Both are nasty souls that have no business leading this country. We as a country are showing our lack of morals and nasty souls. My general idea of why people are choosing which side to vote is not because they actually like one side or the other but because they are going by the “lesser of two evils” standard.

Why are we tearing each other apart over this? Why are we not concentrating on fixing the failed election process? Hillary has proved the election is rigged. We knew this before but she gave us the evidence we needed….and shes still running. We are at each other’s throats over who to vote for… why? Your vote doesn’t matter. Mine doesn’t matter.

How do we make this country great again? Stop fighting and work on a solution.


Labor Day Traditions where did they go?

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Growing up this was an exciting weekend. Mom and dad had the weekend off. Friday night we headed over to Leaverton Park for the carnival. Saturday morning, we left the house by 6 AM. We came over to Palestine, enjoyed the Pancake breakfast, browsed the vendors on main street, and spent the entire day hitting up yard sales. When I say browsing the Vendors….I’m talking vendors crammed in on Main Street like sardines. The Yard Sales were at least one on every side of every block. Monday was parade day! At least an hour and a half of floats, horses, tractors, and who knows what. Never went home with less than a full Wal-mart bag.

My children do not get the same enjoyment. The last few years, Main street has looked pathetic. To the chamber’s credit they did lower the booth fees this year to try to get more vendors in town. The yard sales are not as abundant, you might find three on an entire street. The carnival is crap. The parade is a joke, it might last 45 minutes and there might be 5 floats, fewer horses, and 2 tractors. Last year… I don’t even think we had but four bands.

Why? I feel as if the kids have been left out of the equation. The beer tent Friday – Sunday after the rodeo has been everyone’s concern. Everything was great until the beer tent and bands started. Don’t get me wrong Whiskey Myers and X Crush are AMAZING bands. I just feel as if we have all made the weekend about ourselves and not the family.

As a business owner, in the next few years I’m hoping I can reverse this trend and make it about family again.

Does your area have a Labor day tradition? Is it how you remembered as a kid?

Can’t talk about Palestine without giving you a look at Steve Meadows genius work. His Facebook.


The Shivers of life

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I’ve had a rough life! I’ve made it through living with a hoarder, a split family, molestation, pregnancy at 13, Meth addiction, Loss of my father when I was 28, a divorce at 30 and much much more. I’m a survivor!

I thought my divorce was the end of me. I NEVER wanted to feel that hurt again. I always put myself in a position to be hurt… I fell too easy. A friend had a hard time through his divorce. I listened… he fell in love. I didn’t want anything more than friendship. Two years into our friendship he was fixing my car as he always did when I needed him. I spent the day watching him fix my car, keeping his daughter occupied and I felt at home. That evening, I realized I too was in love. Two months later we were married.

We have been married for 13 months yesterday. This man is the real deal! He makes the way he makes me Shiver seem effortless. It’s not all about his touch. He looks at me the way no other has ever looked at me before. I can see the love in his eyes, even when we are not at our best times… that look is still there. The little things he does. Bringing me a flower just because. Playing our song when either one of us has had a bad day. He actually plays our song EVERY night before he comes to bed. He’s been known on slow days to randomly come home just to kiss me. I think the most powerful shiver came at a heartbreaking moment.

Recently, Our sister in-law’s sister was hit by a drunk driver while jogging early in the morning. We were all heartbroken on so many levels. Jenna was a beautiful woman inside and out. I played volleyball with her in high school and watched her incredible bond with her sister. I worked with her after she graduated and was there in the beginning of her relationship with her now husband. That man was no doubt completely in love with her from the start. She was days from turning 33 and this amazing mother of a 4 year old and wife was gone. She died because she jumped in front of a drunk driver to push her friend out of the way.

I could not attend the visitation due to some health issues, Jeff went. He comes home and gives me the tightest hug I have ever had. I asked how everyone was doing. I have never seen this side of my husband. His eyes filled with tears, his voice cracking. “You can see the hell in Brandon’s eyes. He has lost his true love and somehow has to explain to a 4 year old child why mommy’s not coming home. Brody (our 9 year old nephew) is angry. Amanda and her parents are completely lost. If I lost you or one of the kids, I don’t think I could survive. I would completely break if I had to explain to our daughter that mommy wasn’t coming home. I know that you would be the same way. Jenna left thinking she was coming right back. No matter how big of a hurry we are in… no one leaves this house without a kiss and an I love you.” Listening to him and the realization that Forever sometimes isn’t long enough sent that kind of shiver that almost makes you sick.

Since that day, we have not left the house without a kiss and I love you. He has been on me pretty hard about our wills, burial plots, and the hard decisions. I can’t… I just can’t yet. Imagining my life without him is too much. The thought of leaving him is just as hard. This man loves me the way Brandon loves Jenna. For the first time in my life I know what true love is. While I know that it needs done, it just scares the hell out of me to pre-write the ending to my fairy-tale.





Things to keep in mind when hiring a contractor

As a contractor’s wife, I have figured out that there are many things that are misunderstood or flat out myths. Being a contractor isn’t as simple as some make it appear. My husband LOVES his business! It comes with good and bad. There are weeks that we lose money because there was a flaw and he fixed it. There are times we have lost money because we gave the homeowner too many changes. Here are a few things you need to understand…..

  1. Contractors DO run late or get behind! They are not trying to waste your time. Things come up in our world. A job that we thought was going to be a simple 10 minute fix may turn into 30 minutes. A two day job may take four. Until we actually get something taken apart we do not know if there is a hidden issue or a part that needs ordered.
  2. Sometimes the lowest bid is the best bid. So many believe that the lowest bid can’t possibly be the best route. Get references! We called around before we set our hourly price. We heard a few that were $75 an hour for one person and $25 for each additional with a 2 hour minimum! We choose to stay well below that at $30-$50 an hour for up to 3 people. Why? Charging an elderly person $150 to unclog a sink is just greedy. Will we be this low forever? No.. we know as we grow there will be overhead but we want to stay small community.
  3. Add ons change the price. Many seem surprised that the bill is slightly higher at the end. Any changes you make add time which is money. Depending on WHEN you change your mind, it could cost quite a bit.
  4. Listen to your contractor and research but for the love of God DO NOT use home improvement shows for ideas. There’s a reason those remodels are $80,000! We have watched many and cringe. Some of them are shiesty at best. We recently had a complete remodel. He kept wanting to go the cheapest material wise and would listen to the labor vs material issue. Sheetrock is more expensive but quicker labor wise than paneling and putting ceiling tile up. We tried to save him over $1000 and a better looking finish but he wasn’t having it.
  5. They are not all sharks. Yes, he may have told you it was simple fix. After tearing out the mess he may have found a bigger issue. Don’t just take their word, have them show you. It is always cheaper to fix it right the first time.
  6. Don’t be afraid to speak but don’t yell. There’s always a chance of oversights. No one is perfect. If you have an issue speak with your contractor calmly and more than likely they will fix it without a fuss. Call screaming and cussing… does not get you anywhere.
  7. Don’t go slamming contractors on social media. We all work together believe it or not. We do give each other jobs we are too busy for. We also warn each other of PITA homeowners.
  8. Brag about your contractor! Many contractors will either put you on their VIP list by giving you a discount or make you a priority in the line of jobs with no time crunch if you bring them more customers.