Regaining my Vigor – Day 1

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As I stated Here things have to change… I will post my progress daily.

My financial plan – Christmas time is chaos, we never seem to save enough money. Today is the day I begin this savings plan. Day 1 – $1 plus whatever change is thrown in the jar


Cleaning schedule – Working 40 hours a week, maintaining a happy clean home can be overwhelming. I’m going to give this a try – today was a day of running errands and chaos. So Tomorrow will be the start.


Workouts – For the next three days I’m going to work on these and start a 30 day plan on the first. Day 1 – I’m at 175 lbs

5 min pooch workout – Done

Bedtime glutes –

Sleep pattern – Working days I need to get up at 3:30 Am… I need to make this a days off routine too. Tomorrow… I promise.

Mental wellness – Ohhh do I need this. I’m actually on day 2..

21 day mental wellness challenge – Day 2

I’m thankful for my Husband, my children, our home, coffee, my job, second chances, a warm bath, memories, low fuel prices, and Xmas deals.

More changes coming  – look back tomorrow for Day 2






Daring anyone to ruin my weekend

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A weekend off! Well…. I’ve gotten lucky and had a few off lately but not so much with the husband. When the Hubby works, I really don’t get time to do my thing. I have BIG plan, not really but they are as big as I want them to be. My plans… play around with some Pinterest ideas.

My goal every year is for the kids to at least make a few of our holiday decorations. Last year, we make popcicle stick snowflakes. Since daddy is home this weekend and can occupy the baby.. I think Jaden and I are going to go ahead and try these. I know it seems a little early but these can go out as early as Nov 1 and I kinda want to have time to tweak them if we need to.

Snowflake window clings

Don’t worry, Im not going ALL Christmas yet. We are going to try these too.

*these were a fail*

Yarn Pumpkin

We can’t just do crafts.. we gotta eat too!

Easy Peach cobbler

Chili mac


Planning ahead… At least 1 task for Xmas

Get stocking stuffer ideas

Work the business..

Lipsense ideas

More lipsense

Teach the kids something new..

Baby sign language

Start new habits..

9 habits of successful people

Before shower workouts

Add to all of this a birthday party, prepping for a court hearing, finishing Orange is the new Black, purging at least one room for fall clean up, and cuddles with the Hubby. It shall be a busy weekend and I LOVE IT!