Giving picky eaters exposure to new foods

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We all have our food quirks. We all went through that phase where our parents thought we were going to starve ourselves. If you have kids, you know the struggle. I know my parents struggled with me to eat peas.. my aunt told me my hair would turn purple and now I LOVE peas. I would never dream of eating Spinach or asparagus until in my 20s when my mother in law made me try them and now I love them.

If my bonus child had her way, we would only eat Biscuits and gravy, Mac N cheese, pizza, chips, candy, cereal, Grilled cheese, bacon, and Turkey sandwiches. This child has the strangest food choices mainly because everyone lets her get away with it. This child drives me nuts when it comes to food. She “hated” taco doritos… it’s all we had and she now begs for them. She loves fresh bell peppers but put them in food and they make the food too spicy. She refuses to eat anything with onions in it but will sit and eat White Castle sliders like she hasn’t been fed in days. She hates ketchup but loves plain tomato soup. She hates tomatoes but will eat cherry tomatoes like candy. She prefers nasty canned spag O’s over spaghetti.. will not touch goulash.

I hate explained to her it’s all in her head. We have tricked her into eating things and will get a “this is yummy” but when we explain she may or may not eat it again just on principle. My husband is passive about it because he too is picky, not as picky but still annoying to someone that likes variety. He hates cooked veggies. He hates beans. He isn’t a fan of casseroles. Unless it’s chili or potato soup, soups are off the table. His reasonings I can deal with.. he has tried them and dislikes them.

I made it clear when I moved in, things are changing in this house. She actually hasn’t been horrible. There’s been resistance, there’s been stubburness, but there have been plenty of aha moments for her also.

My kids are not picky. My twenty month old will eat anything. Daddy puts tabasco on his food she still eats it. Jalapenos… she will take a bite or two. Her dietary concerns are on the other end, she will eat as long as she has food to eat.

Through the week, I surrender for the most part to their “food” because I’m tired, I don’t want to cook and I don’t want to do a million dishes. I usually always try at least a new dish in the crockpot on the weekend, even if its a twist on something they already like. On a great weekend, I try two new dishes. It’s a rule that the kids must try what is cooked.

This summer it is my goal to get most of the junk out of this house. We tried planting tomatoes and peppers last summer. This year I vow to either have a raised garden or pot veggies. I’m going to dehydrate, freeze, and force veggie snacks. I’m sick of arguing over chips vs veggies..I want the processed crap gone.

I am a firm believer that if kids are introduced to new foods they will find new likes. Most of the time they do not like foods because someone else does not.

Child hates BBQ – so we are going to try this Honey and soy chicken

Child hates tacos but loves pizza – Mexican pizza

Child LOVES mac n cheese but it needs a twist – Mac n cheese with a twist

Child loves pizza but hates goulosh – Pizza bake

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Panic attacks and the unseen

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In 2011, my husband of seven years just leaves and moves in with his girlfriend. I couldn’t walk out my front door without hyperventilating. I thought my asthma was flaring up. I dealt with it until I drove 30 miles from my apartment to my mother’s and felt like I was having a heart attack. I rush to the ER and they did blood work. I hate needles, I cringe at the thought of typical bloodwork. I hope to never have an ABG test  again. Having blood drawn from your artery instead of your veins is painful. The Doctor diagnosed me with anxiety and panic attacks. The nurse would not let me leave without a heart to heart. I will never forget this nurse. She opened my hand and placed an angel in my hand. she told me that she had been through it and everything would be okay.

My meds helped for the anxiety but I was still deep in depression. After a week of lying in my bed, I took the entire bottle of pills. I spent 72 hours on suicide watch after having drinking that nasty charcoal drink. They checked me out refusing to give me anything for depression or anxiety. The $7,000 hospital bill helped my will to live so damn much.


I ended up back at my mom’s, no job, no money, a husband that just couldn’t stop hounding me about getting the divorce papers signed. It was 3 months later, we finally got the divorce papers signed. Three months after that that he left me alone. I left out apartment in July weighing 180 pounds by November I was down to 130. Not because I tried but because even the thought of food made me ill.


In January of 2012, I pulled my head out of my ass. I got a job and quick feeling sorry for myself or anyone else for that matter. Life was not perfect after that but I was mentally okay. July 2015, in the middle of moving in with my now husband… I was just sitting watching TV and started feeling like I had OD’d on coffee. By later in the evening, I could not stand to be around anyone. A simple hello set me off. It was probably 2 months of this episode on and off. I’m assuming the stress of the move, working, and combining two families was the trigger.


January of 2016, chaos began in this house. We had a rebelious teen, people that can’t mind their own business, starting a company, money issues, custody issues, you name it 2016 threw it at us. I handled well until May when my son’s father started his insane case. even then I had forced myself to stay sane. In October, my husbands ex started her case. I’ve found that forcing myself to stay sane was the worst thing I could do. I wasn’t talking. I wasn’t venting. I was avoiding even thinking about what is going on. I was holding it all in and becoming angry.

Over the last few months, I have been trying to sort things out. I’ve been trying to adjust and finding less toxic releases. Trying to better myself. It’s not an easy process. You get pissed off when you fail.  As you can tell if you read through my blog I have failed several times.

My husband has been great since I opened up to him. He knew I had anxiety issues. He knew some of my triggers but was unaware of some. I gave him a run down of what I needed from him. He at first didn’t get it, he didn’t understand how overwhelmed I was.



The above picture fits in every aspect in life, not just fitness. I have been working on this, its not in total use but I’m working on it. I think it’s important. I have acknowledged that there are MANY aspects of my life that are unhealthy and need changed. My most important goal is getting my anxiety under control and getting mentally right. Let me clarify… I’m not “mental” in the aspect of dangerous to myself or anyone else. I’m just not mentally at my best. My mental state has me borderline depressed, my motivation is lacking. I’m fed up with randomly feeling as if I’m having a heart attack because I hear a certain word, I see a color, or the wind blows the wrong direction.

Taking one day at a time is a HUGE step in our family’s current situation. My husband and I have been working on this together as a team since we are both dealing with exes. We sat down and made a plan of what we hope happens and what we do if it doesn’t work out and left it at that, the rest is in the court’s hands.

Surrounding yourself with positive vibes is not as easy as one thinks. It can be hard to not dwell when things seem impossible. My husband and I set a rule, we can talk about our negative feeling with our cases at anytime and it needs to happen ASAP; anything else politics, anything that doesn’t have a direct impact on us we avoid.

The vision board and SMART goals we will be doing as a family this weekend. I think that it is important that we work on this together and with my anxiety I will not feel as alone in the progress.

Rewarding myself is different from most people. Some take it as a shopping trip or eating a piece of cake. Date night is my reward. Date night again…. not the same as most. Our date night is one night a month kid free, in our home, just chilling. We watch TV, enjoy the quiet, I get a hot bath, hubby makes dinner, concentrate on ourselves.

I do believe in myself. I have shitty days but in the end I know only my reaction matters. I can sulk and hate life or change it my damn self. I’m stronger than what everyone sees. I’m bettter than everything that people think they know.

I see 2017 being a great year. It may not be starting out that way, but we will all come out better and stronger. I will stop digging at myself.


Shower meditation to me is very important! On days that I do not have five seconds to myself except for my shower this is my twenty minutes of sanity. My husband has noticed that I will just out of the blue get up and shower and he has made a habit of asking if I wanted to talk about anything.

If you have anxiety, there is nothing to be ashamed of…….TALK. Don’t hold it in. Let others know what your body is doing. Let them know your triggers and that you may not know all of them. You may not even know why you are anxious, its okay.

Do you have anxiety? What are your triggers? How do you cope?


Starting my New Year resolutions now

My life in the last year and a half has been amazing within my marriage. My health, stress levels, financials, and so on need some repairs.

I have had back pain and migraines since my childhood. My migraines are always hell the ONLY thing I could ever get to relieve them was a shot at the E.R. My back pain, no one wanted to do anything but give me muscle relaxers. In September I had enough! I couldn’t get into my Doctor so settled with our Nurse Practitioner. She did the usual “here’s your script” she had a shocked look on her face when I told her  I did not want a single pill until the source was found.She ordered MRI’s and Xrays, I have mild disintegration from my neck down, several bone spurs, several herniations and arthritis. It is believed that the spurs in my neck are what is causing my migraines. My medications did not change but I do not feel crazy when explaining my pain, there is no mystery. I now have to learn stretches, relaxation techniques, and my limits.

When I met my Husband I was a size 3 at this time we were just friends and I was working at a job where I was running 10 miles a night gathering foam and seat covers for Toyota Highlanders. A month before we started dating I had given birth to our daughter (he adopted her)  I was a size 5. Slowly, as I became content in my life my weight spiraled out of control. I went from 135 pounds to now 175 in a year and a half. My diet is crap. My Husband and his daughter are the pickiest I have ever met. He loves veggies but hates cooked veggies, he hated casseroles, he hated anything with sour cream or cottage cheese in it, he hates cream of mushroom and much more. Luckly, he has worked with me and has started to try different things. The bonus child…. no so much. She thinks she hates everything. If she had her way we would just stock Mac N cheese, biscuits and gravy, grilled cheese and tomato soup, Pizza, and lunchables. She will eat spaghetti but put spaghetti sauce on any other noodle she freaks. Getting her to try new foods you would think I was trying to poison her. I hate gotten her to try new foods and she reluctantly admits she likes them. Sometimes, I lie about what’s in it until her plate is clean but she still will hold on to her “I hate that.” So with these two, finding something healthy and well balanced is complicated.

For the most part of our life together, I have not had to work outside of the home. My husbands business is doing and until issues arose with our Exs we were living well. $7,000 in lawyer fees is not something you want to deal with right after you pay your house off and right before the holidays. We are struggling to pay bills and keep our sanity.

It’s time for a change! Now more than ever I need to feel better about myself and our situation. I’m going to lose weight, I’m going to better my sanity, better my marriage, better my family, my finances,  and more.

Changes –

  1. Start a savings plan for Christmas next year
  2. Start a cleaning schedule that will help me not feel overwhelmed
  3. Start a workout schedule
  4. Sleep schedule… I need to get up at 3:30 A every morning and bed by 9P
  5. Mental wellness
  6. Morning routine
  7. Be a better step-parent
  8. Journal more –

Regaining my Vigor – Day 1





What can you do with those Tart fruits?

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If you are a follower you know I LOVE pinterest! I love finding new ideas and ways to save money. Today, I give you frugal ideas with Oranges, Lemons, and limes.

Let’s start with a couple oh so yummy recipes

3 ingredient Orange chicken sauce – You need BBQ sauce, orange marmalade, and soy sauce…


Lemon Parm Pork Chops – You need Pork Chop, Parmesan cheese, panko bread crumbs , lemon, olive oil, and eggs.

2 large eggs
1 cup panko bread crumbs
3/4 cups grated Parmesan cheese
zest of 1 lemon
4-6 boneless thin cut pork loin chops
salt and freshly ground black pepper
6 tbs olive oil
lemon wedges for serving (optional)

Whisk the eggs to blend. Place bread crumbs in another dish.  Place the cheese and lemon zest in a third dish.  Sprinkle the pork chops generously with salt and pepper. Coat the chops completely with cheese and lemon mixture, patting to adhere. Dip the chops into the eggs, then coat completely with the panko bread crumbs, patting to adhere.

Heat up 3-6 tablespoons of olive oil in a large over medium heat. Add pork chops and cook about 6 minutes on each side, or until nice and golden brown and the temperature reaches 150 degrees in the center of the meat.

Fruits are for more than cooking.

Skin care –

Raspberry lemonade lip scrub

Orange vanilla bath salts

Face Masks as seen below


Lemon, lime, and coconut Stress relief sugar scrub

breakout targeting mask

lemon scrub

Honey pore cleanser

Foot scrub

clear skin as seen below



Home remedies –

Fruit infused water

add to your bath

Eliminate mucus


Cleaning and more

Gift ideas for the lemon lover







Does shopping leave you feeling subdued?

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We live in a small village (graduating class of 20ish.) We have a meat market, a dollar general, and a Caseys. Budget wise I’m left with a few decisions pay extra to shop in town or drive the ten miles to go to our nearest Wal-mart. It might seem like an easy choice but its not. The Meat Market is fresh and has soooo much more flavor than Wal-marts meat and of course Wal-mart always has a way of distracting the mission of the list.

Cut your average bill by using these tips I found on Pinterest

Strawberry roll ups – I rarely buy the roll-ups from the store the prices are insane and I’m not all about foods packed with sugar and preservatives laying around.

3 ingredient meatloaf – You’ve neglected the shopping this week.. Do you have a box of Stuffing, hamburger, and milk? Good you have meatloaf!

Cheesy garlic bombs – $2.50 for 6 breadsticks? Nope… not in this house.

Caramel green apple chips –

Freezer hashbrowns – Buy too many potatoes?

Dehydrate your potatoes

Perfect pork chops – should be pantry friendly except for chops and lemon

Easy ingredient exchanges -We have all had those “Oh crap Im outta….” moments


Vicks shower bombs – I haven’t bought these in forever because the price was insane

Avocado face mask – I’m the only one that eats Avocado and we always have that one banana that goes bad… PERFECT

These are only a few of my favorites. Do you have any budget friendly ideas?



Careful with your health – What your urine says

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Since Childhood I have suffered with Kidney and urinary tract issues. I have had UTIs, kidney issues. My bladder for some reason does not eliminate properly…unless I cough or jump. Some may say TMI but I know some of you can relate.

It wasn’t until about 5 years ago I started watching my #1s. I was having no symptoms up until I was running a fever and dehydrated… 2 days in the hospital was not fun. I found this on Pinterest and find 6 of them relates to issues I have had.

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