Away with the Original Christmas plans

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I have been a mother for twenty years and come Christmas I always loathe myself. Why? I overspend on crap that the kids play with for two weeks and when I get sick of their rooms looking like a hoarders paradise…its a fight to get rid of said toy. As they hit 10 years old they seem to not think anything is cool.

If it were not for the excitement of Christmas for the little ones, I would just be done with it all. I hate the greed and impatience that the holiday season brings. I hate that companies create commercials “Be a cool parent and get your child a ……. phone.” I dont want to buy my child a phone! My child is a child! My child has no job to pay the bill! My child is still nieve! No… but thanks for making me ruin Christmas because my child wants that phone.

Last year was my first Christmas with my Husband. I wanted it to be special and it was but stressful. We had the tree full by Christmas Eve. When Santa arrived we had more stuff lined up across our living room. Stockings were on the couch. Four trash bags of just paper. We go to his parents and lugged two trunks full of stuff home.

I don’t want to this year! I would rather spend the money on crafts and making memories with the kids than buying crap and that’s what I’m going to do!


Rehab vintage lights – I love going to auctions and recently got a dozen vintage lights. Jaden is going to LOVE this project.


Terra Cotta Apple for teacher gift

DIY gift bags using wrapping paper

This is going to be the list we stick to!

7 gift rule for Children


We have dessert duty for Christmas dinner-

Christmas cookies using Funfetti cake mix –

Beerbutter fudge

Candy cane fudge

Lumps of coal – these are actually a gift for my 3 yr old nephew. He is a bit spoiled and keeps getting told he’s getting coal from Santa.

Gifts for the rest of the list-

Slipper ideas

Open Bar – My Husband likes to drink the hard stuff sometimes but I rarely allow it. He will love this

Cash – My Tween nephew is going to have a fit. I think instead of a fry box we will use a 10 piece nugget box and tape change to the bottom for weight. “Sorry man, this all we could afford…we didn’t know what kinda sauce to get you.”

With all of these ideas, I still need more! We do not shop for the adults except for our parents and my sister in-law (hers is from the kids because she baby-sits.) My mom is easy.. something smelly good and done. His parents are AMAZING to us, they deserve something really special this year.




Daring anyone to ruin my weekend

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A weekend off! Well…. I’ve gotten lucky and had a few off lately but not so much with the husband. When the Hubby works, I really don’t get time to do my thing. I have BIG plan, not really but they are as big as I want them to be. My plans… play around with some Pinterest ideas.

My goal every year is for the kids to at least make a few of our holiday decorations. Last year, we make popcicle stick snowflakes. Since daddy is home this weekend and can occupy the baby.. I think Jaden and I are going to go ahead and try these. I know it seems a little early but these can go out as early as Nov 1 and I kinda want to have time to tweak them if we need to.

Snowflake window clings

Don’t worry, Im not going ALL Christmas yet. We are going to try these too.

*these were a fail*

Yarn Pumpkin

We can’t just do crafts.. we gotta eat too!

Easy Peach cobbler

Chili mac


Planning ahead… At least 1 task for Xmas

Get stocking stuffer ideas

Work the business..

Lipsense ideas

More lipsense

Teach the kids something new..

Baby sign language

Start new habits..

9 habits of successful people

Before shower workouts

Add to all of this a birthday party, prepping for a court hearing, finishing Orange is the new Black, purging at least one room for fall clean up, and cuddles with the Hubby. It shall be a busy weekend and I LOVE IT!