Regaining my Vigor – Day 4

3:30 Am wake up – Success!! It was amazing to have an hour to sip on my coffee and wake up before getting ready for work. I was not walking in and yawning until noon.

Journal challenge – 

Things I want to say to an ex…

You’re right I was an idiot… I fell for all your lies. You’re right I was crazy… I was crazy for waiting months for you to change your mind. The truth is you weren’t worth the tears. The truth is I don’t hate you… I actually have no feelings for you any more. The best feeling in the world is hearing your name or seeing your face and just seeing a stranger. I hope you find your peace in the world and change your ways. There’s not a woman in the world that deserves the pain you inflict.

21 day mental challenge – 

My challenge calls for making a bible reading plan. I loathe religion but miss dearly my reading. Soooo I will make my plan to finish a book a week again like I did 10 years ago.


Workouts – Today I start my new challenge


and done… feeling the burn.

Cleaning – done. Get off work… come home do laundry, cook dinner, do dishes, de-clutter and relax…. I love it.

Today, I feel really good. Having a direction instead of just wandering through life does good for the soul. Who knew?

Starting my New Year resolutions now

Regaining my Vigor – Day 1

Regaining my Vigor – Day 2

Regaining my vigor – Day 3



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