Regaining my vigor – Day 3

Wake up at 3:30 AM – FAIL tomorrow is a must as I have to work

Journal more – Journal challenge

Checks and balances within the law…

You think they are there. You are told they are there. Imagine someone putting an OP against you and even though you have evidence that the OP is bogus the judge issues it. You can not afford a $3000 retainer. You are in and out of court Pro-se and they judge keeps ruling against you. You have talked to 11 attorneys in 5 counties. Every attorney tells you the entire case is illegal. The attorneys in the counties that the judge presides all tell you she’s biased and you need her off of the case because you are in fact being screwed in every way but…they won’t help you because they have cases that she is hearing and they need their win. It’s a nightmare and there is really no one out there that cares about the law. I think every attorney should do their duty and make sure that unethical judges are thrown out. All attorneys should be required to do one probono case every few months.

Cleaning schedule – DONE …. It feels so amazing to not panic about doing everything everyday all day

21 day mental wellness – wellness plan – Too cold for a walk so again skipping on to Day 7

Short term goals-

  • Finish bathroom remodel by April
  • Lose 20 lbs by Feb
  • Eliminate my Monster Javas
  • Quit smoking by Feb
  • Have court chaos done by March

Workouts – busted

This should have been posted 11/30 but my internet was out..


Regaining my Vigor – Day 2

Regaining my Vigor – Day 1

Starting my New Year resolutions now



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