Regaining my Vigor – Day 2

Changes never quite work as planned. My alarm was set to get up at 3:30 it just didn’t happen. My dear husband was up at least 4 times last night and ended up on the couch. I debated getting up and downing coffee but realized that with him on the couch, I couldn’t start any cleaning or anything productive. It’s 8 am and he’s still sleeping poor guy.

Workouts – 5 min Pooch workout – I didn’t make it through. Got my one minute plank – talk about burn. I got the reverse crunches and mountain climbs in. The scissors and elbow to knees didn’t fly it seems as if they are too much for my lower back issues. I’m not giving up, we will try again tomorrow.

Bedtime glutes are getting passed up again tonight… I think I’m going to add them to my morning routine.

Journal more – The seven ways he won my heart

21 day wellness challenge – Link here – I’m on day 3 but due to a crazy crazy day I skipped to 4 and will do 3 tomorrow.

Cleaning schedule – I have been overwhelmed so long. This is nice..and more motivating. Cleaning schedule

Savings plan – Won $100 on a scratch off $1 going in the jar and the rest on this Christmas. So far Jar is $2 + change in jar (estimate $15 total)

Obviously, my 9 P bedtime didn’t happen again tonight. I’m going to read for the next 15 minutes and head my tail to bed.

I feel better today. I feel more positive…the change is still new but I think it’s going to work.


Regaining my vigor – Day 1


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