The seven ways he won my heart

I was alone and in denial. I thought I was happy going through the motions of being a single mom. He was my friends ex husband, I knew she was in the wrong but I didn’t feel comfortable crossing that line. No pressure – #1

I started seeing a guy I met online. He realized before I did that this guy was a douche and let me figure it out on my own. He didn’t stop talking to me. He didn’t try to interfere. When I got pregnant and Makenzie’s bio-dad wanted nothing to do with her, he offered to be there at her birth and sign her birth certificate (I turned him down.) When my son’s father made my life hell, you listened to every single rant. We talked everyday several times a day. My best friend- #2

My Truck is a beast a beast that is scary on ice or with out brakes. I was driving 30 minutes to work every day, leaving work at 2 AM. If there was ice on the road I always had a text or a phone call as soon as I got in my truck “call me when you are home safe.” If the roads were bad and I didnt get home til 3 am he was still awake waiting for my call. When my brakes needed changed but it was sleeting, he still crawled under my truck and made sure my truck was good. He protected me – #3

Father’s day 2015 – My back brakes went out. I hated asking and I didn’t have to as soon as he knew they were out he told me to go buy them and get to his house. I sat and watched him busting his ass for me, my truck didnt make it easy. I sat playing with his daughter all day. Everything felt different. We went for a drive to make sure it was all fixed. At some point I decided that this man has been patient for a year and a half and deserved a chance. We pulled into his driveway and I asked Jaden to run into the house. That kiss – #4

We had a long talk that night. We both said we wanted to take things slow. The next day, I ran my errands and around 7 Pm I just had to see him. I drove to his house without telling him. He opens the door and has the most genuine look of love, he tells whoever he was on the phone with he had to go and hung up. He grabbed me into the most amazing hug I have had in my life. That look – #5

A few days later, I was going in to have my tubes tied. My friend Ashley was going with me, he wanted to be there. He went in with me until they took me away. Ashley said, he sat there holding Makenzie like his own. Pacing every 15 minutes. Asking every nurse that came by if I was okay. When I was headed to recovery, one of the nurses asked if he was my husband. Ashley said, he had a tear in his eye and said yes. He won my friend over – #6

After my surgery, he took care of me. Since he has Jaden Thursday – Sunday we would stay at my house through the week and his house on the weekend.The second weekend at his house, with his daughter, a few friends, his brother, and his brothers girlfriend on our porch…. he puts a bread tie on my finger and asked me to move in. Made me cry – #7

More later on how he kept it…

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