Don’t panic over finding gifts!

via Daily Prompt: Panic

Seriously! Don’t! I have gift ideas for everyone!

1 – Buskins are Amazing and a fraction of the price of LLR leggings… not as tacky looking either! If you want to have a party and earn discounts, I will hook you up. Most leggings are $17 and around $2 shipping.

Women and teens – One size and Plus size –



Girls –


2- Have you heard of Perfectly Posh? I LOVE my Posh! I would love to get you discounted products here also!

My faves

The Perks skin stick is an AMAZING product for headaches.

The Rubby Scrubby is something I use weekly and makes my factory working dead tired feet feel like they didn’t stand in steel toed shoes for 40 hours this week.

Impish eyes is a great caffinated product that covers my up at 4 AM baggy eye look.



Calm the beast – Aftershave

Hairy beast – shave gel

Stud stick – skin repair

3 -Pink Zebra has to be my favorite company! I love their always changing lines. We have the wax warmers and scented wax sprinkles. We also have Car air freshners, lotion bases and more….I can have you an AMAZING party.

My faves –


We also have man stuff

For the kids –

4. Do you have a make up lover? SeneGence has the best make-up line! Lasts up to 18hrs depending on your skins PH. If you are interested more in the SeneGense line please message me on My facebook.


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