Hands up if you are over the Election!

via Daily Prompt: Eclipse

I’m over it! I’m angry! I’m fearful! I’m disgusted! Seriously! Every election gets worse. The idiots running are bad enough but we can’t even talk politics amongst our friends or family anymore. My husband and I, as much as we love each other…. can’t talk politics and we actually agree HELL NO to Trump or Hillary.

What happened to the issues? I’m worried about the economy and my children’s educations. There’s much more to worry about but fixing the economy will even things out. It seems like all of the bull-shit non-issues have completely eclipsed everything that matters.

I do not care about what Obama has done or hasn’t done, he’s on his way out. If you like Obama’s policies or not, he’s not the sole person to blame. Blame congress! We have both sides bickering like children. Both sides refusing to fix anything but yet getting paid more than what the majority of households will see in 10 years.

I do not care if a man and a man marry. I honestly, can not understand why this is an issue! Seriously! Trump has had how many wives? Hillary is still married to a man that was unfaithful. In my opinion, neither one of the choices have a moral ground to stand on when it comes to marriage.

Morals are something that both lack. Both are nasty souls that have no business leading this country. We as a country are showing our lack of morals and nasty souls. My general idea of why people are choosing which side to vote is not because they actually like one side or the other but because they are going by the “lesser of two evils” standard.

Why are we tearing each other apart over this? Why are we not concentrating on fixing the failed election process? Hillary has proved the election is rigged. We knew this before but she gave us the evidence we needed….and shes still running. We are at each other’s throats over who to vote for… why? Your vote doesn’t matter. Mine doesn’t matter.

How do we make this country great again? Stop fighting and work on a solution.



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