Labor Day Traditions where did they go?

via Daily Prompt: Sidewalk

Growing up this was an exciting weekend. Mom and dad had the weekend off. Friday night we headed over to Leaverton Park for the carnival. Saturday morning, we left the house by 6 AM. We came over to Palestine, enjoyed the Pancake breakfast, browsed the vendors on main street, and spent the entire day hitting up yard sales. When I say browsing the Vendors….I’m talking vendors crammed in on Main Street like sardines. The Yard Sales were at least one on every side of every block. Monday was parade day! At least an hour and a half of floats, horses, tractors, and who knows what. Never went home with less than a full Wal-mart bag.

My children do not get the same enjoyment. The last few years, Main street has looked pathetic. To the chamber’s credit they did lower the booth fees this year to try to get more vendors in town. The yard sales are not as abundant, you might find three on an entire street. The carnival is crap. The parade is a joke, it might last 45 minutes and there might be 5 floats, fewer horses, and 2 tractors. Last year… I don’t even think we had but four bands.

Why? I feel as if the kids have been left out of the equation. The beer tent Friday – Sunday after the rodeo has been everyone’s concern. Everything was great until the beer tent and bands started. Don’t get me wrong Whiskey Myers and X Crush are AMAZING bands. I just feel as if we have all made the weekend about ourselves and not the family.

As a business owner, in the next few years I’m hoping I can reverse this trend and make it about family again.

Does your area have a Labor day tradition? Is it how you remembered as a kid?

Can’t talk about Palestine without giving you a look at Steve Meadows genius work. His Facebook.



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