My Favorite Splurges

Foods –

Dove chocolate BBQ sauce and cocoa Rub – *I am NOT with this company* – It’s worth every bit of the $24! Shipping is a bit pricey at around $8 but if you buy several things it evens out. I used the BBQ to make pulled pork, hubby didn’t have a chance to “ewww” the chocolate because I hid the bottle, lol. The Rub I used on chicken legs and it was a hit.

Dove Cocoa Roma Pasta sauce – Again… a bit pricey at $18 BUT makes AMAZING sloppy joes or pulled pork.

Mullen’s French Dressing – Monicals Pizza started my obsession with this dressing! If you can find it at your grocery store it is cheaper. If not… you can buy 2+ bottles at a time from the link.


DSC_0429__33212.1466631397.380.500.jpg Buskins leggings are amazing and affordable! My site (Please use referral Jessica Keesling)



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